RODElink Filmmaker Kit Review

RODELink Filmmaker Kit

RODELink Filmmaker Kit


Recording great audio is an art in itself. However, it's becoming more of a forgotten art. Whether you're on set or covering an event, recording audio can seem more like a chore or a nuisance. If you have ever felt this way about audio, chances it had something to do with the wireless lav packs. From syncing issues to out of range hissing/hits, wireless lavs can be all kinds of wrong. Well fear not, the RODElink Filmmaker Kit will change the way you approach audio forever.

The RODELink Filmmaker Kit combines the latest technology with easy to use features that make working with their packs a walk in the park. These are just some of the key features found on their website:

  • Series II, 2.4GHz digital transmission
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Up to 100 metres range*
  • OLED display (on receiver)
  • One button pairing
  • Three level gain control
  • AA battery or USB powered
  • Includes broadcast lavalier microphone

Top 3 Benefits of using the RODELink Filmmaker Kit


1. No Fuss, Simple Pairing. ANYWHERE

2. Simple, audio adjustments

3. Long Lasting Battery Life



TX / RX Set

TX / RX Set


This is by far one of the most compelling reason to start using the RODELink Filmmaker Kit today. All you need to do is turn the transmitter/receiver on, select the channel you want the packs to pair to and hit the WIFI button. That's it.

No searching for available frequencies, no fuss.

If this was the only thing the RODELink had to offer, it would be reason enough to add into your audio kit. Luckily, the kit is so good, it's not all that it has going for it.


Both the transmitter and receiver both have a 3 level gain adjustment which gives you a good starting point to feed into your recorder.

Depending on your recorder's pre-amp, you can adjust the packs so that the mic becomes more sensitive and pick up a "louder" signal Just be sure that the level on your transmitter or receiver is not peaking, which could distort the audio coming into the recorder.


The RODELink Filmmaker Kit comes with a set of AA batteries which can power the pack for over 30 hours. If that isn't enough, there is also a micro USB port on each pack that allows for external battery power.

From my experience, a four pack of AA batteries will last through a full weekend of shooting so I didn't have to worry about the packs running out of juice.


The RODELink Filmmaker Kit is an excellent piece of kit that I would recommend in any filmmaker's bag. Whether you're an event shooter looking for an easier way of capturing precious dialogue or an experienced sound recorder tired of having issues syncing wireless lav packs, the RODELink Filmmaker Kit can greatly improve results and make your job much, much simpler to do.

If you would like to see a more in depth review of the RODELink Filmmaker Kit, please check out the video review version on our YouTube Channel below:


Please drop a line below or on our YouTube page and let us know how you like using the RODELink Filmmaker Kit or your thoughts!

SmallHD Monitor Review

SmallHD Monitor Review

For a shooter on a budget, an external monitor is quite the luxury. Even an inexpensive monitor with a few basic features may be out of reach for some. With so many options to choose from and a limited budget, you might be tempted to get just a good enough monitor. Today, I'm tempted to sway you toward a different direction with my SmallHD 502review.

Make Your Wedding Videos More Cinematic Without Spending a Dime

Make Your Wedding Videos More Cinematic Without Spending a Dime

Cinema, or celluloid, is the gold standard of filmmaking. If you're in the business of making wedding videos, you know exactly what I mean. I'm constantly asked by wedding videographers on "How do I get my videos to look more like cinematic". Today, I want to show you a 5 tricks to make your wedding videos, or any video really, more cinematic.

Official Jay Rah - Be Better Music Video

We collaborated with Jay-Rah this summer to produce the official music video for "Be Better". We shot it all in one day with a small crew of 2.

For the most part, it was all run and gun. The Movi came in super handy as we didn't have time to switch lenses or go from a tripod to a dolly or handheld. For the same reason, we chose to shoot with a Canon zoom. We had quite a few different setups as well as shots planned out so it was extremely important to be able to shoot at a moment's notice.

If you like Jay-Rah's music, check him out on iTunes

Shot on the Canon C100 w/ 24-105mm f4 and the Movi M10


The Gang - 60 Hr Film Challenge

If filmmaking is a giant task, a 60 hour film challenge would be the Goliath. We thought it'd be fun to be David over the weekend and take on a crazy challenge like the Colchester Film Festival's 60 Hour Film Challenge.

We got our team challenge Friday, October 2nd at 12pm and our challenge was the following:

  • Title: The Gang
  • Line of Dialogue: I'm going to phone them in the morning
  • Action: Trying to open a window unsuccessfully

We wrote the script to our short in about an hour and began right away on pre-production. We were lucky enough to get access to the Red Dragon so we started prepping for how we would shoot this movie and with the help of all our friends, we pulled together a wonderful cast and crew to shoot this movie.

We chose a film noir genre and chose to shoot in B&W for a few reasons. First, we'd have one more less thing to deal with in post and second, we can use regular tungsten lights and not have to worry about mixing color temperatures during the day. This really reduced the amount of time we'd need to set up each scene and could just focus on the cinematography and the story. All in all, this was an awesome little project to be involved in.

Shout out to Daniel, Dale, Jeriah and Ed for jumping on board on such a short notice and being so prepared with the script in less than 12 hours. Thanks to Mike, Sam, Angie, Christen and my little pup, Stacy and of course, my lovely wife, Myisha for all their hard work on pulling off this short film. We couldn't have done it without you all!

Jenny + Matt's Wedding // Serra Plaza, San Juan Capistrano

Venue| Serra Plaza, San Juan Capistrano

Photographer | Carla Rhea Photography

Event/DJ | Matt Pickens, Jon Gonzales, Dillon Christopher

Music from MUSIC BED

Jenny and Matt are wonderful friends of ours. Jenny sings at our church and Matt is the audio engineer at Free Chapel, so naturally we wanted to make sure that the audio was pristine as well as using sound to help push the story. Sound design played a huge role in making this wedding film.

To help immerse the audience and help put people into this wonder space of Serra Plaza that all the volunteers helped to transform, we used the amazing RODE STEREO VIDEO MIC X. It is hands down the best microphone I've ever used.

We edited the film based on the music we picked from MUSIC BED. They have some of the best music out there for production work. We work very hard on our films and undoubtedly artists that we use on our films work just as hard if not harder. It's so important that we both credit their work as well as pay for the contributions that they're making on our films. LICENSE YOUR MUSIC!

We absolutely enjoyed creating this film. It makes such a big difference as an editor when you are connected to the subject that you're editing. This is why we always push to not only meet our clients, but also getting to know them on a personal level. Whether it's just taking them out for a cup of coffee or even asking a few more questions about them personally, the connection you make with your clients help so much when it comes to filming them and when you're making decisions in the edit bay.


Serra Plaza | San Juan Capistrano // Men's Prayer

We had the honor to film our buddy Matt Lowe's wedding at the Serra Plaza in San Juan Capistrano.  Matt's a sound engineer at Free Chapel OC and like a professional, he was running around til the last minute making sure that all the audio feeds were working right and we were getting a clear signal on our recorders.

Needless to say, we had to showcase our brand new Rode Stereo Video Mic X at this wedding! This mic has got to be my new favorite toy. The sound is killer! Check out this short excerpt of Matt praying with his groomsmen and officiant just before the ceremony. We used the Video Mic Pro for the dialog and mixed in the SVMX for the ambient sound of the room in this clip.

Shot with two Sony A7S | SLog2

Graded with Color Finale in FCPX