Jenny + Matt's Wedding // Serra Plaza, San Juan Capistrano

Venue| Serra Plaza, San Juan Capistrano

Photographer | Carla Rhea Photography

Event/DJ | Matt Pickens, Jon Gonzales, Dillon Christopher

Music from MUSIC BED

Jenny and Matt are wonderful friends of ours. Jenny sings at our church and Matt is the audio engineer at Free Chapel, so naturally we wanted to make sure that the audio was pristine as well as using sound to help push the story. Sound design played a huge role in making this wedding film.

To help immerse the audience and help put people into this wonder space of Serra Plaza that all the volunteers helped to transform, we used the amazing RODE STEREO VIDEO MIC X. It is hands down the best microphone I've ever used.

We edited the film based on the music we picked from MUSIC BED. They have some of the best music out there for production work. We work very hard on our films and undoubtedly artists that we use on our films work just as hard if not harder. It's so important that we both credit their work as well as pay for the contributions that they're making on our films. LICENSE YOUR MUSIC!

We absolutely enjoyed creating this film. It makes such a big difference as an editor when you are connected to the subject that you're editing. This is why we always push to not only meet our clients, but also getting to know them on a personal level. Whether it's just taking them out for a cup of coffee or even asking a few more questions about them personally, the connection you make with your clients help so much when it comes to filming them and when you're making decisions in the edit bay.