3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer

Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?

Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?


Demand for Wedding Videography is at an all time high. With a simple search such as Orange County Wedding Videographer or Los Angeles Wedding Videography on YouTube or Vimeo, you'll immediately be flooded with countless wedding video content that all look beautiful at first glance. We're living at a time when technology is advancing at a tremendous pace. In turn, cameras that produce beautiful imagery more accessible than ever. Along with that, more people are dabbling in the world of wedding videography and photography. So why hire a professional wedding videographer when Uncle Bob or that co-worker who owns a nice camera can film your wedding? If you find yourself on the fence about hiring a professional wedding videographer, here are three reasons that you might want to consider before making the final decision.

Reason 1 - Expertise

When it comes to hiring a professional wedding videographer, the old adage of "You get what you pay for" certainly applies. Hiring a professional wedding videographer may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially when the bill for your wedding keeps adding up. This is why you really should know what you get in exchange for your hard earned money. I can't comment for every "professional" wedding videographer but if you were to hire Matchstix Studios to perform wedding videography services, you not only get expertise on how to create a professional wedding video, but expertise of the venue that your wedding will be held, expertise of the flow of weddings, expertise on where to set up the cameras, best time and place for a certain shot, scene or look.

A wedding videographer based in Orange County who's been in business for over 10 years will know the venues in his area and possibly even know the event coordinator at that venue. He may get special access to locations or priority for certain areas that the co-worker will not have access to. The professional wedding videographer may even know areas to take you that are not generally known to the public or even your wedding photographer which turn into photos that are spontaneous and stunning that you wouldn't get otherwise.

If the venue is new to the professional wedding videographer or you are hosting a destination wedding, the professional wedding videographer should take the appropriate time needed to scout and prepare for your wedding. This should not be an added cost but a standard service that the professional wedding videographer offers because he is a professional. These are all things that the wedding videographer can do for you, relieving at least some of the stress that comes with planning a wedding. This leads us to my second point:

Reason 2 - Peace of Mind

Along with expert knowledge in the world of wedding videography, you also get a sense of peace when you hire a professional wedding videographer. You can rest assure knowing that your wedding will be captured right.

By hiring the right wedding videographer, you'll know that he/she will capture everything that is important to you. A professional wedding videographer will know what is important to you when you sit down for a consultation. At a minimum, you should have a brief conversation on why you are considering hiring a wedding videographer and let the wedding videographer know what is important to capture on film. Wedding Videographers with more experience might get into more detail on establishing a storyline or how to craft a unique and specialized video just for you and your future spouse.

Reason 3 - Quality

This may be the most important reason to hire a professional wedding videographer. What distinguishes the professional and the enthusiast is in the quality of work.

A professional wedding videographer is accountable to you because there is an monetary exchange.  What he/she owes you is a quality product. Both the professional and the amateur can deliver something that they are proud of. What that really amounts to is that they did their best. The reason you should hire a professional wedding videographer is not only so they can give you their best but also give you a quality product that is backed by their track record.

With so many wedding vendors and platforms to choose from, it has never been easier for a bride to find out just how trustworthy and reliable a wedding vendor truly is. Websites such as Weddingwire or Yelp can offer you a lot of insight on whether the wedding videographer is professional, what they are best known for, and how it is to work with him/her. The wedding business is built on referrals and if the wedding videographer has no references, that should say a lot about their business.

These are just three of what I think are the top reasons why you should hire a professional wedding videographer.  If you find this article helpful, check back next week where I'll discuss what to look for in a professional wedding videographer.