Nori Bounce Review

Light & Shadow

Light and Shadow, two elements any filmmaker / DP absolutely have to master in order to convey the emotions required in their stories. Just as a painter has paint and canvas, you as a filmmaker need tools to paint your canvas.

One of the many tools at your disposal is the reflector. It's inexpensive and easy to use. However, as you progress in your craft, you'll find the reflector has limits to what it can do. Not anymore. There is a new type of reflector in the industry called the Square Bounce by Nori Bounce that turbo charges this every day reflector into a tool that can change the way you work, forever.

The Nori Bounce's key features are:

  • Better Ergonomics
  • Heavy Duty Design
  • C-Stand Compatible

Let's go in detail on the main benefits of the SQUARE BOUNCE.


While it's true that both the traditional collapsible reflector and the Square Bounce can open and collapse fairly easy, the Square Bounce has the unique advantage of giving you ergonomic handles to hold it much easier.

The mountain bike style rubber grip is extremely comfortable to hold. If you're a photographer, this may not seem like much but for a video shoot where the lighting needs to be consistent across the entire take, your assistant will surely appreciate the extra comfort.


At the heart of the Square Bounce is the umbrella skeleton structure made with heavy duty materials such as carbon fiber, stainless steel and high density fiber glass. This is important because the design and material allows you to use the Square Bounce in extreme weather conditions such has hard winds and even rain.


The Square Bounce is designed specifically with the c-stand in mind. The handle is detachable giving you the option to mount the Square Bounce on a c-stand without the stem sticking out. Not only is this safer when using it on a c-stand, this gives you infinitely more options and stability when you are lighting your subject.

This is an incredible step forward for reflectors and is by far the number one reason why you would want to get the Square Bounce.

Traditionally, if you were to mount a bounce board on a stand, you would need a duck bill clamp. The duck bill allows you to clamp and mount the bounce board via a baby pin.

As an independent producer, I find the duck bill inconvenient because you have to carry it separately and it costs over $100 per clamp. 

Alternatively you can mount a reflector via a reflector holder. These are typically very flimsy and cannot be used outdoors effectively.

The Square Bounce is an elegant solution to these problems because it is comes with a variety of fabrics, is built to withstand heavy winds and can mount on a stand with ease.

The big question is "is it worth the price tag"?

Check out the video review for the Nori Bounce:


What are your thoughts on the Nori Bounce V2? Let us know how you use your collapsible reflector and if the Nori Bounce is worth the money!


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